Adobe Fonts Tutorial

I have been a self-proclaimed "font nerd" my whole life, so I'm always looking for great new fonts and font pairings.

In this tutorial, I learned that Adobe TypeKit has changed over into Adobe Fonts! TypeKit was previously a paid service as an add-on to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. I never had access to TypeKit because of the extra charge.

Adobe Fonts is a free service included in all Adobe Creative Cloud products, even if you only subscribe to one program! You can access fonts to download for free through Illustrator and InDesign, but not through Photoshop. You can also download fonts through the Creative Cloud app under the "fonts" section.

Fonts are not shareable, so if an item is being packaged for a vendor, you cannot include fonts in your package. The safest way to ensure fonts appear correctly when sending a designed item is by making a PDF.

You can also view all availible fonts at I really love the "Font Pack" feature that shows you which fonts look good together.

Fun features

Free with Adobe Creative Cloud Subscritpion
Fonts are both web & desktop friendly
Font Pairings shows how Adobe Fonts work together

I have learned 90% of what I know about the Adobe Creative Suite through It is such a great, fun resource for anyone who loves learning as much as me. Without, I probably would not have the job I have today.