Favorite Projects

Upgraded Home Page

This was a simple project, but it felt like such a huge step up, going from a plaintext home page to a pretty bootstrap site! It showed me that if you know some basics, you can make really attractive and impressive websites pretty quickly.

6-Page Website

My first self coded portfolio site! I am very proud of finding this bootstrap template, editing it, and filling it in with all of my creations. It was so simple, but very rewarding! I again was blown away by how simple it is to find a bootstrap template, edit it, and then watch it spit out a beautiful site.

3-Page Website

I had so much fun with this project! I attempted to flex my small HTML / CSS muscles by using type, color, and shapes in creative ways.

Final Project

I've always wondered how fellow graphic designers produce such impressive, and graphically pleasing portfolio websites. With this project, I have finally created my own! I customized this Wordpress site a ton until it was exactly how I wanted it. I feel confident that I will keep this site and build upon it for years to come to show off my design work.